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Stephen Ministry

We all experience challenges in life when we could benefit from the support of a caring, Christian friend, such as:

  • terminal illness
  • loss of a job
  • relocation
  • retirement
  • hospitalization
  • loneliness
  • loss of a loved one/grief
  • divorce
  • many other stresses and challenges

Our Stephen Ministers are ready to provide the emotional and spiritual care we need when we face a crisis or difficulty in our lives.

Stephen Ministry is a system through which members of First Presbyterian Church are trained and organized to help provide Christian caregiving to members of our congregation and community. Stephen Ministry is based on the idea that all Christians are ministers.

How to Seek Help

In our congregation, the way that you ask for a Stephen Minister for yourself or others is to contact Pastor Christian.

When you agree to have a Stephen Minister, a Stephen Leader will contact you to talk more about Stephen Ministry and what it can mean to you. If your needs can be best served by a Stephen Minister, you will be matched with someone who will support you through this tough time.

Confidentiality is a top priority for Stephen Ministers. The fact that you have a Stephen Minister and the details of your care are never shared. Only you can divulge this information.

If you know someone who could benefit from a Stephen Ministry relationship, please mention our ministry to them and urge them to call Sue. When the needs of the members of the congregation are met, we will provide care for others in the community. Please call on us.

FPC Stephen Ministry Leaders

Pamela Shuler [2003]Connie Clark [2009] Greg Socha [2002]Charlene Hansen [2004]

Sue Johnson [2009]

FPC Stephen Ministers

Pat Koch [2006]Nels Nichols [2009]

Susan Wiltse [2006]

Adam Schuler [2006]

Lynda Nichols [2009]

Lugh Dixon (2011)Jim McKimmey (2011)

Luanne McKimmey (2011)

Marilyn West (2011)

Klaus Lehrer (2011)

If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact:

Sue Johnson  264-6994,

It is wonderful to have God take care of the results of my ministry with my care receiver. This ministry is far-reaching for me because of the process I have learned. God is always with us, caring and supporting. We have all heard, “Let go. Let God”. It is indeed our responsibility to seek God’s way and then step back and give the glory to God. – Sue Johnson, Stephen Minister

History of Stephen Ministries

In 1975 Rev. Kenneth C. Haugk, Ph.D., a pastor and clinical psychologist, saw that people’s needs for care in his congregation and community far exceeded what he alone could provide. He developed materials to train nine of his congregation members to provide quality, one-to-one Christian care to individuals experiencing a life crisis. Upon completion of their training, he commissioned them as “Stephen Ministers” and linked them with people with a variety of needs for care. “Stephen Ministry” was so successful in his church that other congregations wanted to become involved.

Dr. Haugk then founded the Stephen Ministries organization and developed the Stephen Series, which now has been implemented in more than 10,000 congregations representing more than 150 Christian denominations. More than 450,000 laypersons have been trained as Stephen Ministers, who in turn have ministered to more than a million care receivers.

Ministry of Caring

First Presbyterian Church has had a Stephen Ministry program since 1998. During this time, we have commissioned 64 Stephen Ministers and 14 Stephen Leaders, who have provided care for more than a hundred persons over the last ten years. Some caregiving relationships last just a few weeks and others last for years.

We have provided care for persons dealing with the death of a spouse, the death of a child, death of a parent, divorce, loss of a job, a change in living situations, aging issues, chronic illness, the birth of a child, hospitalization, recovery from an accident and many more.

Retired Stephen Leaders

Rev. Dan Herlein [1998]Connie Riddell [1998]Stan Holzhauer [1998]

Clyde Williams (deceased) [1998]

Scott Stephan [2000]

Caitilin Richardson [2001]

Rose Lillich [2001]

Karen Leskinen [2002]

Retired Stephen Ministers

Jan Bellingham [1998]Shirley Goddard [1998]Betty Holzhauer [1998]

Marie Moulds [1998]

Dale Nielson [1998]

Eleanor Potter [1998]

Carol Sinclair [1998]

Dan Sinclair [1998]

Pat Stokes [1998]

Diane Wagner [1998]

Robert Wonacott (deceased) [1998]

Arlene DeMott [1999]

Susan Zak Yoder [1999]

Marge Weitschat [1999]

Tina Fields [2000]

Nancy Abbott [2001]

Bob Brugger [2001]

Kathy Magnell [2001]

Don Garrett [2002]

George Knight [2002]

Delphine Welch [1998]Joyce Fahl [2009]Ron Kuite [2009]

Ellie Holdsworth [2000]

Mel Matchett [2006]

Jean Sheehan [2008]

Sandy Lake [2002]

Richard Muhlig (deceased) [2002]

Jean Ricker [2002]

Peggy Cutting [2004]

Paula Glick [2004]

Jane Hawkins [2004]

Arlene Lueck [2004]

Judy VerHage [2004]

Eunice Winters [2004]

Richard Winters (deceased) [2004]

Karen Ruedinger [2006]

Bea West [2000]

Luella Wahl [2001]

Maxine Cameron [2006]

Cheri Hawthorne [2006]

Len Orzechowski [2006]

Nina Stewart [2006]

Amy Clarkson [2009]

Micky Kuite [2009]

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